Back in the room

The library display is hung (and only took an hour or so to do, getting the hang of it now). There are a couple of pictures to finish off, and a whole stack of lino-cut cards piled around the place, taking an age to dry in the typical glory of an English May (cold and wet. Last week, hail. This week, thunder). I’ve been making collograph plates with matboard and assembled junk, coated in yacht varnish to make them a bit more durable. Again, it takes an age to dry, and is horribly sticky besides. I keep expecting to see the nosy cat run past with one stuck to it. I’ve done some monotypes and some more linocuts, experimenting with multiple layers and colours.
An old project I abandoned three or four years ago has come back on the table, I’ve signed up to do the festival again in August. I’ve been asking around to see if I can find some space to work, but so far nothing cheap enough or close enough has come up. There is plenty to do but progress is slow and time is limited.

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