There are three lino plates lined up for cutting, all ready except for one small technical hitch: I’ve lost the paper. I brought it in at the start of the winter to stop it getting damp and mouldy, and stashed it somewhere out of the way so the small cat wouldn’t rip it up. Now I can’t remember where, which is exasperating.

It’s a small house, so there aren’t many places it could be, and at this stage I have looked in most of them without success. I could order some more, but since the whole point of making the prints was to use up the paper, that would be dumb. Although that would probably make it magically reappear, the way lost things do when you replace them. In the meantime, I’m a bit stuck. These are to be reduction prints, too, so I wouldn’t be able to cut them and then print them later. Maybe it will turn up. And yes, I checked behind the sofa.

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