Five nights in a tent gives you, if nothing else, a renewed appreciation of indoor plumbing.
Doing art stuff at Towersey festival was a tremendous way to spend the holiday weekend, even if the weather (mixed, to put it politely) made things hard work at times.  Rain and wind and paint don’t mix all that well… The stall holders in the Arts and Crafts tent were great, friendly and helpful, and polite enough not to draw attention to my shambling amateurishness.
I took the paintings I’ve just started work on, and a box of art supplies, and in the mornings I painted, in the afternoons I put out the materials and tried to entice the festival goers to have a go themselves. Not everyone was interested (plenty of enthusiastic kids, not many adults), but between them they produced a display board full of work, in all sorts of styles and mediums. In the evenings I ate junk food and went down to the concert tent to watch the bands.
On Monday we packed up our -mercifully dry – tent and went home to sleep it all off and eat some salad. A busy end to the summer holidays.

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