Sniff that

Just be grateful that painting is a visual medium.
Time is getting tight again, just back from holiday and now I have to prep paintings, displays, gear and a reluctant family to spend six nights in a tent in England over the August Bank Holiday. True to form, I’ve done the painting work first – four hours of preparing, arranging and photographing an odd collection of foods,  which together were so revolting I felt sick for hours afterwards.
The stand-out winner was some instant Mac’n’cheese that was orange, slimy and smelt like death in a teenager’s sleeping bag. Visually perfect, just what I wanted, although it stank the house out until I bundled it up in paper and stuffed it into the outside bin. But I got it all done, the canvases are all prepped ready to go, now I can get on with finding the tent and the chairs – and it could have been worse. At least I didn’t have to eat it.

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